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Game On!

Gamification has the potential to be a disruptive innovation in education… – GLOVER, Ian (2013). Play as you learn: gamification as a technique for motivating learners. Document Link. Geeky History As a child and as a teen, I had a substantial interest in … Continue reading

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Problem Based Blogging (PBB)

“How do you engage students? You present them with a real challenge they care about” – Cator quoted by Traditional Approaches We have probably all witnessed many lessons delivered in the ‘traditional’ mode of instruction. Normally, this would take the … Continue reading

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HBTITM? – How Best To Inspire The Most?

Who Is Technology For? Though I would regard myself as a reflective practitioner, who has always striven to change practice for the better, learning this week about the SAMR and TIM models offer me really effective frameworks with which to … Continue reading

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Course 3 Final Project

Readers gravitate toward resumes with eye catching fonts and structure. They also lean toward resources with ample white space throughout the document – Sharlyn Lauby on Zero Experience Of infographics, not in teaching or in life generally, otherwise choosing ‘Option 3’ for … Continue reading

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