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Copycats Assemble!

…individuals should initiate digital citizenship education in their own sphere of influence…” –¬†Yuhyun Park on¬†weforum.org. Confession Time OK, I admit it. Issues like copyright, fair use and remix culture scare me. It is not that I believe that my online … Continue reading

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Course 1 Final Project: Sikhism

A Little Context The context for the focus of my Course 1 Final Project is a Year 3 Religious Education Unit of Study on the Sikh faith. Within the British National Curriculum, Religious Education is a subject which tends to … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond A Single Source of Expertise

Weapons of Mass Collaboration – Donald Tapscott The readings this week about making connections and forming networks were extremely inspiring and really made me consider the implications of how we use the Internet as a source of expertise, in particular … Continue reading

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