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A Story Of Human Connection, Whether Digital Or Not

Tradition In my spare time, I am reading the book below, ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. The first part of this book is about ‘The Cognitive Revolution’, which is specifically based on the advancement of humankind during what we usually term … Continue reading

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Course 2 Final Project

Introducing The Team This project was formed through a truly global, collaborative process. I formed a group with Brian Weisenstein and Gene Marie Chagaris; so as a result created this project with course mates in different countries, cultures and time zones. We also … Continue reading

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Copycats Assemble!

…individuals should initiate digital citizenship education in their own sphere of influence…” – Yuhyun Park on weforum.org. Confession Time OK, I admit it. Issues like copyright, fair use and remix culture scare me. It is not that I believe that my online … Continue reading

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